About Us

this is our story


Flavor for the Soul was birthed in 2011. My mother, Mary A. Thomas and I, Jackie M. Jackson, created the partnership to bring flavor to everyone. We shared the kitchen many days producing orders for the local Detroit area. Our sole goal was to leave a lasting memory of families coming together by nourishing the soul.

From sober to spiked and even sometimes vegan we provide the flavor and you provide the memory. That how a soul gets flavored. Whether you are in the old D or Thailand having flavor is necessary.

The legacy of Flavor for the Soul is carried by lasting memories of my mother baking and caring for all those that came in our kitchen until 2014. After that I took Flavor to a new level! Adding the vegan and spiked divisions to bring us all the way into 2017 and beyond.

Yes, we keep it traditional but who doesn't need a little extra Flavor! Let us connect you to our Flavor, a moment you won't forget. I loss my mom in August 2014 to breast cancer. Worst day of my life. So baking allows me to not only preserve her legacy; but also share it with the world. Every event, every time I bake allows me to reconnect with my mom and share her with the world.